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Side-step Healthy-eating Obstacles During The Holidays

Watsonville market makeover pure garcinia cambogia promotes healthy eating

Stay-healthy strategy: If decadent holiday treats are your downfall, make room in your diet for them. Allow yourself one small treat per day, but plan for it by eliminating something else, and be sure to account for the carbs. If—crucial-data-released-231403591.html it’s too tempting to keep treats in your house, say “no thanks” next time or, if you do give in, share some with a friend. The challenge: A decadent buffet spread at your friend’s annual holiday party. Stay-healthy strategy: Don’t graze.
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Nontraditional approach keeps family-owned  gym business fit

A new refrigerator case by the entry holds plastic take-out containers of fruit and yogurt and chopped vegetables. “It’s the healthy zone,” said Roxanne Harrison, United Way project coordinator. Less healthy snacks haven’t disappeared, but for the most part, they’ve been relegated to less visible. Candy bars sit behind glass in a case at the end of the front counter, but honey sticks fill containers next to the cash register. On one stand, baked chips are at eye level while fried snacks are less noticeable underneath. In addition to the changes inside the store, a colorful mural of fruits, vegetables and flowers designed by eighth-grader Meiya Lin Sparks under the direction of muralist Arturo Thomae adorns the building’s facade. Ramirez said he’s not finished.
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